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Monday, April 20, 2009

2010 - Response to Danny

Danny keep the faith. There are many thing each of us can do. For one you could run for Congress, you can speak out at every opportunity about what you believe. Find those you disagree with and talk with them, share your beliefs. You won't win them all.

Alot of people these days are just un-civil and disrespectful. They assume they know everything, yet really know nothing. They assume their knowledge of the world is complete and infallible...that's why they won't talk. They don't listen to opposing views because they only want to confirm what they already believe. The truth does not matter to them. You can have a impact on those around you, your friends, neighbors and family.

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By all means please speak your mind, especially if you disagree with something, but do so with respect and civility to others.