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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well I am putting my plan together to get elected. It's pretty darn late at night and I just worked 17 hours today, but my heart is pumping and I'm serious about this 2010 for Congress.

I'm not going to standby and do nothing about this mess in Congress. Congress is the problem, not the President. Sounds strange, but the Congress really controls everything, not the President. They are the one's that are wreaking havoc on our Constitution for so many decades now. The country can tolerate and survive a bad President, but not a perpetually bad Congress.

I've been a life long Republican, though I've always considered myself a Individualist. I guess I am somwhere between a Conservative and Libertarian. I have contacted the Alabama Libertarian party, and a couple others tonight to seek guidance in my endeavor, I hope to hear from them soon.

I plan to start going out each weekend to begin my campaign, with or without guidance. I'm not asking anyone for any money. I just want to earn their trust and a signature to get on the ballot. Next week I'll be looking into the details of getting on the ballot. Apparently it's no small matter in Alabama, but it can't be impossible. In other areas of my life, I've been told many times before it can't be done and they were wrong. I'm willing to try defeating the odds again, it's worth it.

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