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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm standing up

Hi Kevin,

It was me that called twice today. I apologize for the passion on the 2nd call about Lee. He is not smarter or more intelligent than you, he is just wrong. He speaks well, but he does not speak the truth. Always be confident in the truth, do not be afraid to be wrong sometimes. Style has nothing to do with truth or right and wrong.

Lee really set me off and now I have consequences to live with in my mind. I must be true to my beliefs. I am so tired of the untruths, we're swimming in them. I cannot stand-by the battlefield any longer.

I made a decision tonight, and I am committing to it. As a typical guy, just a citizen, I don't know how I am going to achieve this, but I'm going to run for Congress 2010. I'm going to get into the fight.

I think I must be crazy to myself and what are my chances. My chances are zero for sure if I don't try. The worse thing is good people doing nothing.

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