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Friday, April 24, 2009

My City Hall

Interesting note for everyone:

I went to my city hall today to determine do's and don'ts for campaigning. The city clerk told me I was not permitted to go door to door to solicit signatures on my ballot petition. I told them they better be very sure of that, because it was not solicitation in the normal sense, that what I wanted to do was a first amendment issue. My city hall persisted. I then went to my neighboring town's city hall and was initially told the same thing. After politely expressing my disagreement based on the first amendment, they recanted and said I could go door to door to solicit signatures, but not money. I told them that was fine, and I appreciated them investigating. They said they learned something new. I could say ditto's as this is very interesting.

BTW I also visited my state Senator to ask him to look into the issue. I am holding back any further action for now, until I press my city hall on the issue and get their answer; in he mean time I am pressing forward with my signature drive.

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