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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The myth of Right-Wing and Left-Wing

To some of you this is nothing new, but for the rest here goes.

We hear daily about left-wing and right-wing. This is a myth. The model is completely distorted and intentionally misleading. It's a red-herring away from the truth. Mankind has throughout history been on a journey to ascend, upwards toward the "shining city on the hill". This city represents full liberty, a truly free society, a civil society.

Government is a necessary evil because men are not angels. If all men were angels, government would not be needed. We would treat each other equally, and live by simple rules of respect and liberty. Man, as he is, always has been and always will be, requires some means to protect his liberty. This is the purpose of a government. This is a limited government, limited to protecting our liberty. This is the framework of the Constitution. A government has no rights, it has a responsibility and the authority to carry it out. The people retain all rights.

All other forms of government therefore must fall vertically below the "City on the Hill" by various degrees based on the liberty individuals have. If the top of the model is Liberty, the bottom would be absolute slavery. Tyrants, Monarchs, dictators, communists, socialists and even democracies fall between the two.

Please expunge the terms left-wing and right-wing. You are only aiding the enemies of liberty. It is newspeak.

PS. I'll write later about the myth of moderates, but you can guess where that takes us.

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