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Monday, April 13, 2009

On the battlefield of ideas, winning requires moving towards the sound of the guns

A few days I was invited to "co-host" a local talk radio show for a morning. It started out as a couple emails to the host, expressing my appreciation for his work and sharing a few thoughts of my own. Occasionally I'd call when time allowed on the way to work. The host Kevin Elkins does his best to be respectful and open to all, but very frequently his callers are not.

I'm no great speaker, I'm just a regular guy with a strong passion for America's founding principles. I love philosophy and human nature, it is the basis of politics and real life, it's about us.

Tonight I accepted his offer. I'm still kind of mystified and scared about the invitation, but to do nothing or say nothing is worse, it's betraying my honest beliefs, my family, my friends.

To believe something and do nothing, is worse than this a new quote? :)

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By all means please speak your mind, especially if you disagree with something, but do so with respect and civility to others.