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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Response - From Tea Parties to Political Parties

I would humbly urge each of you to run for Congress. Imagine 10,000 Patriots of Liberty running for 435 offices...imagine the consequence of that. Think this through slowly...what would happen to those around you, your family, friends and neighbors. In terms of ideas, what will they do? What will they be thinking about regularly. What opportunities does this present to you, to express your sincere beliefs, to hopefully have a rational discussion with them. What if you were to go out and campaign each Saturday, if only in a parking lot or park, or even door to door?

What would the Collectivist's in Washington begin to realize? They would realize we are prepared to take their jobs, they would realize we are serious. They would begin to feel at risk. They might even change their short term plans.

Again, I humbly urge each of you to consider my proposition. I am already planning and preparing for the 2nd Congressional District of Alabama in 2010. This is no joke. I am running not against one candidate, I am running against all of Congress itself. They are the long term source of our problems. They are the ones destroying the Constitution. I say there is only one question to ask of any federal representative: How is he/she fulfilling their oath of office? It quite clearly states the responsibility at the federal level.

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