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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Response to the American Thinker - The problem with Republicans

We may in fact be a minority party, but we are not a minority in beliefs about Liberty. The problem is our failure to communicate effectively and consistently what we believe and not standing up in a meaningful way about our beliefs. We have also failed as a party to promote and support only those true Republicans who believe in Federalism, and will not support actions that degrade Federalism.

Federalism is what Liberal have repeatedly attacked and degraded for the last century, and our dear RINO's have enabled them to succeed. Getting rid of RINOs is the first step. The second step is real "straight talk". I'm tired of being polite to those we disagree with. We should be blunt and to the point. We should not be ashamed of our beliefs, and should be confident in our beliefs, we should always be proud. The American people are depending on us, in fact, we are the only ones defending Liberty.

We are not powerless! Believe it and live it.

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