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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Response to Freedom Model

Hi Casey,

Rob wrote: Yes, my overarching issue is Liberty, and how much. President Reagan spoke of Liberty as something that mankind has always tried to ascend to, hence the vertical nature of my model. I can't agree that Anarchy is a form of government, as it is really a means to an end, a transition period. I have always felt something was missing from all models, this is freedom and slavery. I feel that a purely horizontal, left vs right model can never be correct unless it includes pure liberty and slavery. You could take my model and lay it horizontal and be correct, but the ascending would be mising. I could be considred wrong in my previous statements about a left and right being a myth, as my model technically has a left and right. I would really call it Liberty and Tyranny, as Mark Levin so well wrote about. If someone asks am I a right winger, I tell them no, I'm a individualist and I believe in the principles of Freedom. It's a completely different discussion after that. Rush has always said "words mean things", we need to use the proper words and reject those that don't advance our ideas, and that have been tainted by the Collectivist. We need to take back the language of Freedom.

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