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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What have we lost?

Too many of us in America have lost the basic ability to be civil and respectful of each others opinions and rights. Respecting a person does not mean agreeing with them.

We have lost the desire to know the truth, most of us are adolescent in thinking assuming our knowledge is complete and infallible; therefore we need not hear anything to the contrary. Whereas a truth seeking person never assumes to know it all, and wants to hear contrary opinions.

I think most of us, seek only to confirm that which we already believe, without even knowing why we believe it in the first place. It just feels good to us. Without discussion or debate, how do we really know what we believe, why we believe it or that which is truly good for us?

Example, many people believe a "right" is what a government gives someone. A right is actually a "immunity" from government action or other people, it's a protection, not a gift. Most people do not know the truth, they are not seekers, they are followers. They are not bad people, they are just ignorant and unknowingly being manipulated by others.

If I could make but one commandment on humanity, it would be no lies could be spoken by anyone. A different world it would be.

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By all means please speak your mind, especially if you disagree with something, but do so with respect and civility to others.