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Sunday, April 19, 2009

When are you going to run for Office?

I posted here earlier that I was running for office in 2010. I would like to know when anyone else is going to run. I am basically challenging each of you to do something, to get involved, to run for Congress. Bad things happen when good people stand idly by and do nothing.

There are causes and effects, ideas and actions. Committing yourself to make a difference, the mere act, of deciding to run, whether you think you will be elected or not, will have an effect on all of those around you, like a raindrop rippling on a pond. Success should not be measured by being elected, but rather the number of people you can effect for the better.

We would be far more successful as Patriots of Liberty to stop talking about issues in these forums and get out on the streets talking to our neighbors and friends. We're all sitting around these forums pretty much agreeing with each other, and feeling good, but not accomplishing a thing. We've changed no hearts, no minds, while everything is falling down around us.

We've got about 500 + days left til the next election.

We are not powerless, and we can make a difference. You are guaranteed failure if you don't try.

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