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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do the Republicans really get it?

Let's be serious.

A party of principle would not allow a Republican President to violate the principles of the party, else they are not a party of principle. I've been told by the Alabama Elmore County Republican party that the people don't care about the things we do, and don't want to hear it. I strongly disagree with them.

To them it's about winning elections, to me it's about promoting and supporting our principles, even at the expense of losing some elections.

Seems to me that the concept of winning elections is how we got into trouble, and that promoting our principles serves the country better in the long run, else we are not much different from the Liberals.

We should be proud to be the party of NO. The problem is we fail to answer those who attack ineptly and with shame. Our failure is that of failing to wage a war of ideas and 30 second sound bites do not do our ideas justice. Why is it always Karl Rove and Newt on FoxNews? Where are the others? Are they more worried about being re-elected or the country? Why do they distance themselves from Conservative talk show hosts, are they ashamed, or is it about elections again?

What really is it all about?

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