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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bobby Bright, at it again - email from Dorinda

Today I went to a small town outside of Dothan to 'meet and greet' Bobby Bright and show up in my Fair Tax shirt and hat with a few other folks for that gentle reminder..... well his big thing right now is healthcare and making it more affordable.

So I sat there and I listened to what he had to say. I did not hear not one single possible solution to a problem- just a re-hashing of the problem- like I did not already know the problem existed and the fact that he wanted to solve it or fix it, but- again- no solution.

Well, I do not know much about healthcare and why it costs as much as it does, but I do know that 70% of what it costs doctors to do business is a bunch of paperwork that is mandatory/regulated/whatever. I had been waiting for someone to bring this up, but no one did, so I decided to. He said he had never heard of any regulations on doctors before.

I told him they have to hire people to process all the paperwork and it costs money and they pass that cost on to us. One of his aides in the back of the room popped up with electronic medical files or some such and 'that should lower that cost some'.
So I said, "Isn't GE doing that?" And Bright said, "GE?" "You know, General Electric?" And then he said something to the effect of, 'Well they have a lot of money so they should be doing something'. Then when he tried to brush me off I asked him right out if he was going to do something about it. However my voice was swallowed up by the crush of people as I was the last question of the day and it was time to leave.

Politicians irritate me.... fence straddlers- the whole lot them (at least most of them). Bright has been in office for a while and recently he has been sending out surveys and such. I think he has spent enough time up there to have crafted a brilliant piece of legislation to benefit all of America. He knows what the issues are. I am sure he has a TV and can get a news channel. I have been so busy with my classes I have not bothered to find out......(that will change.....)

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