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Friday, June 19, 2009

Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act

This bill would allow car dealers in the United States to issue vouchers to people who trade in older, less fuel-efficient cars for cleaner burning, more fuel-efficient cars. The voucher, paid by the government, would be accepted as partial payment for a new car. The value of the voucher depends on what type of car is purchased, and how much more fuel efficient it is than the car turned in. For example, the voucher will be worth $3500 if the car is a passenger vehicle that gets 4 more miles per gallon then the one turned in. The dealer will turn the title of the car over to the Federal Government. The dealer will also be able to sell the car for scrap, but the car can not be sold to be driven again.

Our Congressman (politician) Bobby Bright voted YES to this bill. I would have voted NO.

Can we afford this at this time?

Where in the Constitution is this activity authorized?

Just another transfer of wealth (legalized stealing) from one tax payer to another.

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