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Friday, June 19, 2009

Email to the Chairman of the Elmore County Republican's

June 19th, 2009

To Ms. Vicki Bonner Ward,

I am highly disappointed. Your website is rarely updated and has nothing of use. There are many patriots out here who want to get involved. There is nothing on your website that facilitates getting involved and informed.

I have asked a few times about getting on the emailing list for the Elmore Republican Club, I've volunteered, I even spoke with Joe Faulk and Butch Wyatt nearly two months ago about running for the 2nd District. Dead silence.

My impression is the party still doesn't get it, and the base is moving on to other options, yes it's true. They are not going to stand by, and the Republican party is not the only choice. Our liberal opponents are "constantly" working toward their goals, am I to assume the Republicans don't have long term goals or are we being taken for granted again?

Rob John

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