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Monday, June 1, 2009

Rob John Congress 2010 - Running against Congress

Welcome to all!
The primary purpose of this blog is to allow me to share my beliefs and thoughts about the issues that concern me most. Recently I decided to run for Congress and this was the natural place to express myself.

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Why am I running for Congress? I prefer to think of myself as "running against Congress" for the people and the Constitution.

I believe there is a great difference between a politician and a representative. A politician is a person who seeks to perpetuate his/her career in government. A true representative does not seek a career, rather seeks an opportunity to serve his country for a limited time. A representative is guided by the principles of the Constitution first, and the long term best interests of the country. I believe the root of most of our problems in this country originate in Congress. I believe most of our politicians give lip service to the oath of office and therefore are not honorable or trustworthy.

I believe a random selection of citizens would do a far better job in Congress than most of those we have now, or in the distant past. I, like most Americans, am tired of politicians not standing up for what they believe, not fighting, not being honest with us and manipulating us. We are tired of our principles being compromised.

Recently I became very tired of yelling at my TV, my radio, the newspapers and asked myself what good was it doing. I listen, watch and read many sources of news to hear all sides of an issue. Sometimes a person just feels like they are sinking in a sea of lies. I did not know what I could do as a mere citizen. I finally told myself enough is enough. I realized that I must stand up and do something about the path we are on as a country, that we and I are not powerless nor alone. I decided later that day I would do what I can to get out and speak with everyone possible about the issues. I would no longer be silent. I decided I would run for Congress. It doesn't take a genius to be a Congressman. It takes a principled, hard working, honest and moral person who is not ashamed of his beliefs, and a person who does not tolerate deceit.

People mistakenly believe the President controls the country, and politicians like to perpetuate the myth. This allows Congress to hide their culpability. Congress has the ultimate power, by design, and allows/disallows the President to act on most matters. Congress is responsible for our current state of affairs and problems. The country can tolerate good and bad Presidents, but it cannot survive the politicians we have in Congress.

I also do not believe in the myth and model of right wing and left wing. The model of left and right is merely a red-herring and ignores anything about Liberty. My belief is there is Freedom and Slavery, everything else falls in between the two. There are those who believe in the "rule of law", and there are those who believe in "rule by a few".

"The Constitution is deeply flawed", as President Obama has said. I believe it is flawed only to those who do not believe in freedom and think they know what is best for each of us. The President is a deceiver and has no intention of honoring his oath of office. Sadly I have concluded our President is a Marxist. This is not meant as a personal attack, but I do not agree with his ideas and policies. He tries to hide it, but his actions speak louder than his words. I am proud America elected a black man as President, but he was the wrong person, regardless of his race. He must not succeed.

The federal government is the true long standing source of our biggest problems in this country and I am scared about our future, and our children's. I believe Congressman Bobby Bright is a politician, not a representative. I believe a Patriot is anyone who believes in and defends the principles of individual liberty. Politicians are not Patriots. I want to represent the people and I want to defend the Constitution. I am not ashamed of my beliefs and I will stand up for them, without compromise.

My Slogan: We are not powerless, We can make difference, I will.

My inspiration: “I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and with the help of God, I will do.”

I encourage everyone to do what they can do to make a difference.

My Values:

Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty,
Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

These might sound familiar to you, if they are familiar, you can thank the Boy Scouts of America for instilling these values. I have done my best to live by them since my early teens and I still believe in them today.

Political Experience? I have zero political experience and I consider it a great qualification. I have no allegiance, obligation or friendship with any other politicians, special interests or parties. If I am elected, my allegiance will not change. Quite frankly I am not impressed with either party right now. I would be considered a Conservative by most, but I consider myself a Individualist. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence are based on the principles of Individualism. It's not hard to research a issue, judge the authority the Constitution gives the federal government, and determine whether to vote yes or no. I have a 89% disagreement rate with the 111th Congress right now. On most issues I would proudly vote NO. Most of the issues involved in the 89% should be done by each state, if they so choose. I am not a expert, but I am very well read and knowledgeable of our history, our form of government, and the writings of our founding fathers. I have seen other forms of government in action. I have seen true poverty. I know what is great about this country and I know why it is great.

What I believe
1. To preserve & protect the Constitution is a federal representative's and the President's first and foremost responsibility. It's what their Oath of Office says.
2. There should be no laws restricting a person or business if it causes no harm to anothers life, liberty or property.
3. Absolutely no person is above the law, especially our Representatives.
4. There are only human rights. Only a individuals possess a right.
5. Balanced budget. No more un-constitutional spending. The Fed Govt has limited areas of responsibility. Borrowing against the future is only moral during times of war.
6. Restore Federalism and the Republican form of government by all means, including States should appoint U.S. Senators, as they used to.
7. There is no eternal life; sunset all federal programs.
8. Abolish corporate/social welfare by the Federal Government.
9. Stop punishing inidividuals and business's with excessively high taxes. 10. Abolish the IRS and implement a Flat Income Tax or Flat Sales Tax or Flat Fair Tax.
11. Legal Immigration Only.
12. No Term limits, the founders were against it. An informed and involved citizenry is the real cure. I was for term limits, but I was convinced otherwise by a Patriot.
13. Abortion is murder
14. Privatize Social Security.
15. Abolish the US Dept of de-Education
16. Abolish all monopolies, especially the ones in Government and organized labor.
17. Enact the Enumerated Powers Act. A proposed bill in the United States House of Representatives which requires legislation passed by Congress cite those provisions of the Constitution that give them the power to pass such legislation.
18. Catch-all: If it doesn't protect our Liberty the answer is NO.

Why vote for me? I am a Patriot. I am not a Politician; I have a conscience. I am honest and trustworthy above all else. I am unashamed of my beliefs and I am not afraid to stand up and defend the principles of this country that ensure liberty, justice and equality to all Americans. If we share common beliefs and concerns, then I am the person you should vote for.

My top issues:

1) Implement a balanced budget and pay down the US debt of $56 trillion. That's over $184,000 per person.

2) Implement Term Limits for all Congressman and Senators, and no retirement pay, just a severance package.

3) Reduce the role of the Federal Government in our lives (i.e. limited government). Eliminate or move most programs to the states. The states would have the choice perpetuate these programs if they choose to.

4) Get the federal government completely out of education. It has only gotten worse since it became involved.

Several people have asked how they can help me. The foremost concern is getting on the ballot and this requires alot of signatures, 5,660 valid signatures to be precise. I am out collecting signatures nearly every day after work and on weekends, but it is a slow process.

If you really want to help and become involved you can click and print the petition form at and sign it, maybe have your friends and family sign it, then return it to me. Unfortunately the law of Alabama does not allow copies, faxes or scanned documents. I must receive the original signed form from you. I can be emailed at the address below. I will provide you a address to send it to.

1. All blocks must be completed for each person.
2. They must be a registered voter.
3. They must live in Alabama District 2 (Elmore, Autauga, Lowndes, Butler, Conecuh, Covington, Crenshaw, Bullock, Pike, Coffee, Geneva, Dale, Barbour, Henry and Houston counties).

How to contact me: Search for rob_john on Twitter or you can email me directly at Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

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