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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bobby Bright on Healthcare and my comments

Where Bobby Bright Stand's on Health Care Legislation

As it currently stands, I am opposed to the House draft health care legislation. (This means he for some form of Government Healthcare; instead of getting the government out of it and letting the Free-market work). I am hopeful that when Congress returns in September, the process will be more bi-partisan and we will be able to produce something that works for the American people. (The American people want the government out of healthcare. Government involvement is why costs are so high and keep growing so fast.)

I continue to believe that the current direction of health care reform relies too heavily on taxes on individuals and small businesses, and the overall cost of health care legislation remains too high (if it were cheaper he would be for Government Healthcare). Moreover, though changes have been made to how the public option will work, the overall bill does not represent my belief in a free-market approach to health care reform (his prior statements disprove that he believes in the free market).

Additionally, I have signed onto several letters expressing concern over specific parts of the bill. (a true Conservative would reject the entire concept as UN-CONSTITUTIONAL, because it is. Have you read the Constitution Bobby?)

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