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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In a nutshell

I'm Rob John. I live in Millbrook, just north of Montgomery. I am fighting this war on two fronts; as candidate and a citizen. I'm a member of quite a few groups in Congressional District 2 and one in Selma and Montgomery.

I've been following politics since the early 80's but my memory of events and politicans goes back to the events of the late 60's with civil rights, the ERA amendment of the 70's, Nixon, and Carter. I study and read alot of politics and philosphy, particularly the founding fathers and John Locke, William Blackstone and JS Mills. I used to be a C-Span junkie. It didn't take but a couple years to really see what was going on.

I retired from the Air Force in 2001 and eventually settled in Millbrook. I am originally from Fernandina Beach Florida, a small fishing town north of Jacksonville. My wife and I just celebrated our 23rd anniversary and we have three sons. I work for the Hyundai Information Service as a Sr Manager of the IT Infrastructure (Computers and Networks) for the Hyundai plant in Montgomery and the new KIA plant in West Point Georgia.

I became very active this last spring after listening to a local talk show on my way to Georgia and became very enraged over mis-truths that were being unchallenged, or inadequately challenged by the host. Even after two calls into the show that morning I was still fuming and soul searched about how to do something about the mis-truths. I originally felt powerless, but as I was driving back I made a choice to make a difference. I realized though I am not rich or famous, I could make a difference, and that I was NOT powerless. One of those ways I could make a difference was to run for Congress, and I am. I decided the root cause of our problems was the Silent Majority. A Silent Majority never wins against a Loud Minority; thus we have over many years had minority rule, not in a ethnic sense, but in a numerical sense. As such, one of my other goals has been to share this realization; to help motivate and awaken others to the cause of Liberty; to help them see the eminant threat and see clearly what our challenge is. Lately my efforts have centered around opening up communication between geographically separated groups such as 912, Tea Partys and Campaign for Liberty; and then sharing ideas and information between them.

I want to help those who feel powerless as I did, to understand they are not powerless. I want to earn District 2's trust, get elected and do what must be done to defend and protect our freedoms.

That's me in a nutshell.

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