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Sunday, August 16, 2009

No to RINOs, No to Compromisers

The problem as I see it in the Republican party are the so-called RINO's (Republican In Name Only). These persons are not Conservative, they are Compromisers. They have no clear cut and firm principles. As Jefferson said, one can compromise on style, but must never compromise on principle.

Here's what a compromiser would do with the principle of "stealing is wrong". A compromiser would say it is alright to steal from some people, or on a Saturday after 5 PM, or the victim has more than the thief. In all cases, the truth or principle that stealing is wrong, is violated, and someone else is wronged.

These people have compromised our heritage from our Founders, the Constitution and America's future. I despise them more than Liberals. They blow with the wind, regardless of right and wrong. They can't be trusted.

Calling yourself a social conservative just means you are fiscally liberal. Calling yourself a Fiscal Conservative just means you are Socially Liberal. Both are oxymorons.

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