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Friday, September 11, 2009

Liber-Tea Party 9/12/2009 Speech

Campaign Against Congress

Good morning and thank you for coming to todays event.

You may have heard ...I'm running against Congress.... that's because I'm against 80% of the things Congress does. I am against endless and irresponsible spending and more federal regulation of our lives and businesses.

I'm against Bobby Bright because he is not a Conservative and is not loyal to the Constitution and his oath of office. In my humble opinion, Bobby Bright can't be trusted.

I'm tired of the continuous lies by our politicians and the media, I'm tired of our principles and freedoms being compromised in Congress, I'm tired of politicians with no backbone and most of all I am tired of the silent majority.

I was born in a small town in North East Florida in 1960. I was born the oldest of four children, raised by two parents with traditional American values, who played fair and worked hard. My parents were loving, devoted, but firm.

I was a member of the Boy Scouts for many years and learned to live by the Scout Laws such as being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind, brave, clean and reverent. These are more than just words.

I retired from the Air Force in 2001, after 20 years of service. Fourteen of those years I was a Avionics Technician working on fighter-bombers in England and cargo aircraft in the states during the Cold War. I spent the last 6 years of my service as Information Technology Technician and supervisor. I received a fair number of awards, and several service medals, including the Meritorious Service medal twice.

I'm the father of three boys, Raleigh aged 19, Wesleigh aged 9 and Leighem aged 7. My wife Donna and I have been married 23 years now. We moved to Millbrook, just north of Montgomery, in 2002, during the Dot Com bust, and I took a job at Maxwell Air Force base. One year later I began working at the Hyundai Plant designing and implementing their data & communication network. I am doing the same at the KIA plant in West Point Georgia. I've been promoted 3 times since joining the Hyundai - Kia team. I am honest, work hard and I do my best.

Why am I here? Like you I am fed up and I want to talk with you today about five issues

I believe we should have a smaller federal government.

This means lower taxes, far less spending, and far fewer rules and regulations of our lives and businesses. Our Constitution put in place a federal system of government, not a national government. A federal government has limited authority, a national government has unlimited authority.

I believe in a Balanced Budget and we should pay off the national debt.

Uncle Sam should live like everyone else does and live within its means. As of last night, the national debt is $11.8 trillion dollars ($38,000 per citizen). $2.76 trillion have been spent this year already.

In addition, we owe medicare $39.7 trillion, we owe Social Security $10.7 trillion, and we owe prescription drug programs $8.58 trillion. This comes to $192,000 per citizen.

I believe in a Flat and Fair Tax

The current system punishes people and businesses. The more Uncle Sam takes, the fewer dollars we have to take care of ourselves and our families. We tax our businesses so much that we can't compete globally with other countries.

I believe in equality, not just in race or gender issues,

but the fact that no man or woman is above the law including our representatives in Congress. Our representatives must be subject to all laws they create. I believe that there are only human rights. God did not give each race or gender different rights.

I believe in our great founding principles of individual liberty.

I do not believe in our national parties, the Democrats and Republicans have both failed us. I am a true Conservative. It means I am not ashamed of my beliefs and I will stand up to be counted. It means my votes are guided first and foremost by the Constitution. I will not compromise my principles and right and wrong.

I do not believe in judging candidates by issues, I believe we must judge their principals, what do they believe? what are their values? We must determine their character, not their promises.


I got into this race because I initially felt powerless, I was a member of the Silent Majority. I soon realized I was not powerless and decided to do the things I could to make a difference, to preserve our of heritage of freedom for ourselves and our families. To quote Ronald Reagan, Government is not the solution to our problems, Government is the problem. I believe Congress is the cause of our biggest problems and I intend to do something about it.

I quickly became an ex-member of the Silent Majority. I encourage you to do the same. We are not powerless, and you are not powerless.

Thank you for your time and God bless America!

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