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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A letter to Alabama's GOP

11/3/2010 In response to Governor Riley's "Congratulations" email

Dear Governor Riley and all other Republicans

cc: Senator Jeff Sessions, Richard Shelby and Congresswoman elect Martha Roby

With all due respect I don’t want to diminish the achievement itself of Nov 2nd, but I can’t let the GOP pat itself on the back for what happened and it really makes me wonder if the GOP truly gets it yet. The Republicans won inspite of themselves. I told your Elmore County representatives in April of 2008 what this election was about, but they snickered and disagreed.

I really believe the Republican Party did not achieve this. We Conservatives, the silent majority, did it. Yes there is a difference between Republicans and Conservatives. We are the ones who worked tirelessly and we won’t be taken for granted again.

We Conservatives gave the Republican Party a second chance. The Republican Congressional class of ‘94 betrayed our trust after a few years. This class of 2010 should not take lightly the opportunity they have been given because there won’t be a third chance. The scrutiny this time was on Liberals and RINOs, now it’s going to be on you. Conservatives will abandon the party if the Republicans betray the trust this time.

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