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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some of my beliefs

1. Preserving & protecting the Constitution is a federal representative's and the President's first and foremost responsibility.
2. There should be no laws restricting a person or business if it causes no harm to anothers life, liberty or property.
3. Absolutely no person is above the law, especially our Representatives.
4. There are only human rights. Only a individuals possess a right.
5. Balanced budget. No more un-constitutional spending. The Fed Govt has limited areas of responsibility.
6. Restore Federalism by all means, including Governors should again appoint Senators.
7. Sunset all federal programs, there is no eternal life.
8. No corporate welfare by the Federal Government.
9. Stop punishing our business's with excessively high taxes.
10. Fair Tax
11. Legal Immigration Only
12. There's distinct difference between a politician and a representative.
13. Abortion is murder
14. Social Welfare is not a federal responsibility
15. Privatize Social Security.
16. Abolish the US Dept of de-Education
17. Abolish all monopolies, especially the ones in Government and organized labor.
18. Enact the Enumerated Powers Act. A proposed bill in the United States House of Representatives which requires legislation passed by Congress cite those provisions of the Constitution that give them the power to pass such legislation.
19. Catch-all: If it doesn't protect our Liberty the answer should be NO.

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