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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Uncle Sam's Cave and Michael Brown

Remember Plato’s Cave, that’s what is going on folks, We’re not seeing reality, merely selective reflections.

Imagine a young white child growing up, maybe he has black friends, maybe never met one, really matters not.

He/she grows up seeing mostly black crimes being reported each day of his/her life, even though there are many more crimes by others.   Those black crimes may have only been 15% of all crimes, but to the people receiving the news 90% of the crime reports are of black people doing wrong.

What are whites to assume:
1) that maybe there’s a lot of black crime,
2) and maybe a lot of black people are bad?
3) Maybe most crimes are committed by blacks?
4) Maybe these people will assume those blacks must be doing something, since no one else is having that problem?
5) Would they be in denial?
6) Would it appear white people commit fewer crimes?

In short, this is the root of the image problem for blacks.  The media skews the reporting completely out of proportion and out of context of the larger picture by overly focusing on black crime, instead of all crime.

This obfuscates reality to the white person who perceives a problem limited to one group of people who must be doing something wrong, that easily lends itself to an unpretty stereotype of blacks by whites.

It equally obfuscates reality to the black person.  90% of the crime reports a black person sees are of black people, and black people being abused by police, without any mention of other races being treated the same, and the apparent indiffernce of whites. This too, leads to an unpretty stereotype of whites by blacks

What are blacks to assume:
1) that blacks are the only ones getting treated that way?
2) that whites approve, since they are in denial.
3) Would they become angry and sometimes violent?
4) Would they begin to think everyone is against them and everything is about race?
5) Would it appear white people get away with crimes?

In short, we are all being given selective information, in a way that hides the truth, the big picture, the context, and presents a false reality.

In simple statistics, its the equivalent of over representing some of the data, while leaving out other pertinent data, to give a false impression or view of things.

What would result from this?

We're seeing the results of it every day in America, some of it live in Ferguson Missouri.  Both sides, will struggle to come together, both having received a grossly distorted view of the world. And history will continue repeating itself, until the truth can be seen by both sides.

Now the begging question: why is this being done by the media?

1) is the media doing this thinking it is helping the minorities?

2)  is this an intentional effort, to present a totally inaccurate view of the world and for what Machiavellian reason?

3) what if someone wants us perpetually pitted against each other and why?

This is not the brotherhood of 'America the beautiful'  that I believe in so strongly.

Rob John 8/19/2014

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