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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What are they hiding?

24 Sept 2014

What are they hiding and what are they ashamed of?  In a free country we should expect far better from our governments.

I called my congressional Representative's Washington office at 1-202-225-2901 just over an hour ago.  Her name is Representative Martha Roby. I asked how to get a report of her voting record, meaning all of her votes.  Her office told me they did not have that information and suggested I contact the Clerk of the House at 1-202-225-7000.  The person at the Clerk's office told me they do not have such records, because they are not compiled and reported per each representative, that I should contact the LRC (Legislative Research Clerk), so they kindly transferred me to that office.  I was told they only provide the voting records per each piece of legislation.

I find this indescribable and ominous.  How does one know how many votes their representative cast?  How does one know the voting record of their representative?  It is truly a trivial matter to provide such information to American citizens.  The LRC says they have never compiled the votes in this manner.

One has to ask, if our representatives do not want us to know their voting record?

One has to ask,  are they ashamed of their voting records?

One has to ask, are they truly representing us?

One has to ask, if they are being transparent and allowing themselves to be held accountable?

Why are they hiding this information?

What do they NOT want us to know?

Does this not, effectively prevent us from knowing if our representatives truly represent us?

Rob John

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