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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why is America on the brink of so many disasters and how we got here in the first place?

As I spend another night sitting here blogging and debating people online about the principles of freedom as they relate to current events, I began pondering why is America on the brink of so many disasters and how we got here in the first place.

I am a ardent student of history, philosophy, politics, human nature and freedom.  I believe in Individualism, a set of principles too few really understand, and without it they are doomed to misunderstand our troubles and make appropriate choices.   I've studied and observed a great deal over the years, long before the Tea Party came about and I served 20 years in the Air Force, during the cold war era. I've lived all over the U.S. and lived and traveled abroad. I ran for Congress in 2010, and I am considering the same in 2016.

It is my belief we are here today because of many things. The first and foremost is the failure of our education system to educate our children about freedom, as they used to do so long ago. Do most people really understand the purpose, the principles of freedom embedded into the U.S. Constitution? Do we understand how our governments, both State and Federal are structured, their roles and relationships, the sovereignty of each, and lastly why these things are important? How can children who grow to be adults understand what they are losing or have lost, if they don't know what freedom is?  

We can put a great amount of the blame on the federal government's Department of Education.  This department should be immediately abolished and the control and decisions returned to the local level as it should be.  Each State and locality should be free to decide how to educate their children. 

The second cause would be apathy by most people.  People who fail to vote at every opportunity, people who never communicate with their so-called representatives and people who are more interested in entertainment and other trivial matters, rather than the state of our society and the government we have entrusted.  The overwhelming majority of people do not put in the time to really think about the issues, to research for the truth, by listening to all sides, and verifying so-called facts.  They just simply gobble up whatever they hear on the radio, read in the papers, or watch on TV, or takes what a stranger, friend or celebrity tells them without questioning it.  We are all busy, but some things, those things that will affect us, our children, our friends and neighbors, should always be of importance to us; else we are allowing others, even a active small minority of others to make those choices for us.  Do you really trust these strangers?  Do you really know their intentions?  Are they using words we like, but they have a totally different meaning to them? 

The third cause would be ignorance about a candidate for office, or an incumbent.  Do most people really know if their candidate will represent their views?  Do most people know if incumbents have done a good job of representing them in the past?  How can you assess a candidates future performance?  They like to talk about issues, but issues are secondary to the principles, if any, that they believe in.  Some like to talk about principles such as limited government, but do they really believe it?  Are they truly convicted to these principles or are they willing to compromise on them? Principles are a far better predictor of future performance than issues.  As far as assessing a incumbents past performance, have you checked their voting records and I mean all of them. Politicians must be held accountable to us with the power we have delegated to them.

These are the three most important root causes as I see them.  The effects of the foregoing are too numerous to list them all, but a few standout.

First, we have politicians who haven't a clue what true freedom is; because they were never properly educated about it. They don't really understand what they are doing once elected and start casting votes.  They have no principles to stand on and no heart to fight for our freedoms and rights.  In a sense, they are heartless and without backbones.

Second, we have deceitful politicians, who twist the meanings of words and ideas; misleading people into voting them into office.  These are the propagandist, with ulterior intentions.  They do not really represent you in the long run, they seek office for the power and riches it brings to themselves.  They careless about our freedoms, only their own.  These are the big government types, who use their office to benefit themselves and their cronies.  These are the bleeding-heart opportunistic deceivers, who propagandize and politicize every issue, to suit their own goals. 

Thirdly, we the people, simply become overwhelmed by our lack of proper education in freedom, the seemingly seas of information and unwillingness to be self-informed and self-thinking.  We trust too many people to decide for us; while slowly and silently over generations, our precious and rare freedoms are being eroded, redefined and taken away.

Fourth, the incremental encroachment on the rights of the people and the sovereignty of State governments has produced a federal government that has far exceeded the limits of the Constitution, which was written as such, to protect our rights and protect us from governments themselves.

We face a great many very serious issues in our society today.  Most have been caused by our governments. Immigration, education, out of control spending and debt, a federal government that thinks it is a national government, are but a few that American society faces today.  I'll close with one last question.  Who is supposed to be free, society and its individuals or the government?

Be free,

Rob John

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